Dog Friendly Recipes

I have two wonderful dogs, Boots and Bandit, and like any pet parent I love to spoil them. I would splurge on toys and different treats and then Boots developed allergies. His scratching broke my heart, he was so miserable and nothing seemed to help. His scratching was so bad that he had no fur on his belly, under his legs, and halfway up his sides. I was even told he was allergic to grass at one point. I knew there had to be a way to help him so I started doing my own research. I started reading the labels for the dog foods in the stores and was surprised at the ingredients.  I decided that I was going to take the spoiling a step farther and start making my own dog food. I switched to homemade food at the beginning of 2015. Now Boots doesn't scratch hardly at all and almost all of his fur has grown back.

There are lots of good books out there that have wonderful recipes. I get my recipes from a variety of sources books and the internet are just two. The recipes I am sharing with you I use myself and my dogs love them. I do think it is important to add nutritional yeast and a good multivitamin supplement to each meal. I get my supplements from Amazon and have the links below for easy reference. These are the ones I use there are plenty of good ones out there.
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Layer chopped strawberries, meat cubes, and chopped apples in a popsicle mold. Add a carrot or celery stick for a "handle". Fill the container with water or a dog safe broth. Freeze and serve. I usually leave them in the freezer overnight.


Mix together oatmeal, chopped fruit or veggies, and plain greek yogurt. Fill a kong or other item that can be stuffed with the mixture. Place in the freezer overnight and serve the next day.

Frozen Treats

In a medium-sized bucket fill it 1/4 full. Add a total of 3 or 4 plastic toys or treats like meat cubes, chopped fruit, bones, or antlers, and place in freezer overnight. Repeat process until you have at least three layers. Remove the frozen cube from the bucket and give it to the dog outside in a water bowl or a pool so they can play with the ice while working on getting the treats and toys.