Group Courses


All courses are for dogs of all ages. There is no age cap for participation in classes.


Students must present proof of vaccinations. This is to ensure the safety of every dog in class.
Some courses have specific requirements for enrollment. Any requirements are listed on the course page.

General Course Information 

  • Courses consist of up to an hour-long weekly class until completed
  • Each dog is required to have their own handler
  • We encourage any member of the family to come that is interested in training the dog.
  • We expect every person that attends class to participate in class.
  • Small children are welcome but should be supervised by an adult family member or friend that is not handling the dog
  • Keep in mind not all dogs are used to or like small children
  • Cell phones will be put on vibrate or silent to minimize disruptions to class. 
  • All dogs should be on standard 4-6 foot leashes. Retractable leashes are not allowed.
  • Register for courses
Special Needs

Special needs can mean anything from the dog has allergies to an actual disability. We can accommodate most special needs in our classes. If your dog is a little skittish and needs more space or is deaf or blind, please let us know when you register and we will be ready on the first night of class. If your dog reacts to other dogs, especially on the leash, please contact us so we can meet the dog before class and develop an appropriate plan of action.  

Attendance Policy

If you miss a class, please make arrangements with your RolloverU Trainer to make up the class. We have multiple options for making up classes. Your Trainer can help you find the one that best fits your needs. Note: If a student misses three (3) or more classes they may be dropped from the class and all class fees are forfeited. Students have 24 hours after a missed class to make arrangements to make up the class. Students must attend class to get any related handouts.