Puppy Courses

The AKC understands the importance of socializing your puppy as well as starting their education as soon as possible. RolloverU shares the AKC's view and has used the AKC STAR Puppy Evaluation as the guide to creating our Puppy Courses.

Getting your puppy started on the right foot helps build and secure the foundation for a well behaved dog. It also allows you to enjoy a deep bond with your new puppy that will make him feel like the best friend you always wanted. The STAR Puppy Program provides a safe learning environment that teaches basic techniques that will get you off to a good start. 

To learn everything a well-rounded puppy should know takes time and each dog learns at their own pace. Our courses are an hour a week and cover things like housebreaking, problem-solving, impulse control, and start teaching basic obedience commands.

Experts like Ian Dunbar and Victoria Stillwell recommend that puppies be in some kind of training or socialization class until they are two years old. This helps to create that deep bond and teach the proper behaviors. 

Training is an essential part of building the bond with your dog. Puppies that start training early often go on to become Therapy or Service dogs. Early success in training can also lead to continuing training and going into competitions. Let's not forget the most important part of training is a well mannered dog that will be a confident, loving member of your family and will be welcome wherever they go.