Agility, Nose Games, and Boundaries Oh My!


Your dog has manners. He knows basic commands. You've worked hard with him to proof his behaviors and maybe have even earned his Canine Good Citizen title. You know how important keeping skills sharp are but you don't want to take another obedience course. What else is there? How do you find an activity without spending a lot of money only to discover you hate it? 

RolloverU's Agility, Nose Games, And Boundaries OH My! class is a sampler class of popular activities you can do with your dog. The class is four weeks and a different activity is highlighted each week. We always cover agility, nose games, and boundaries hence the name of the class. The fourth week we either spend it on a new activity or one already covered depending on the preference of the students in class. This a low cost option to see if you and your dog enjoy an activity like agility. If you do then you can find a trainer that specializes in what interests you.

Class Details

  • Cost: $60 per dog
  • Length: 1 Hour for 4 Weeks

What's Covered

  • Agility
  • Nose Games
  • Boundaries