For What

We can provide consultations on a variety of things from training skills to aggressive behavior modification. Our general training consultations can help you figure out where your dog is training-wise and how to get him to where you want him to be. Behavior Modification covers a lot of ground and issues. We have experience with simple things like housebreaking or impulse control issues to reactivity or aggression towards people and/or dogs.


Consultations are typically done at the RolloverU Training Facility. 

What's Included

You will get the most out of your consultation if you come prepared to be an active member of the consultation. We will be asking you questions as well as seeing how your dog responds to us as well as to you. We include the below in all of our consultations.

  • Approximately 60 minutes one on one with one of our Trainers
  • Evaluation of your dog's skills or temperament or behavior
  • Some simple suggestions that may help
  • Our recommendations for a course of action  
  • Written wrapup of the Consultation via email  

We strongly recommend getting a consultation prior to scheduling any private training for behavior modification sessions. 


Our comprehensive consultations are $100 for up to 1 hour. 

There are some behaviors that cannot be addressed adequately at the RolloverU Facility. We can conduct a consultation at another location but there may be a fee charged and these slots are very limited and fill quickly.

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