New Dog Program

The New Dog Program can be used before or after you get a puppy or dog. RolloverU recommends utilizing this package before your get a dog. The purpose of the service is for us to help you find a great dog that will be a fantastic member of your family and fit well with your lifestyle. Different dogs have different energy levels, needs, etc. and we want to make sure you find your "furever" companion.

We will help if you would like to adopt a dog through shelters, rescues, or breeders, whichever your preference is. RolloverU does not breed dogs, and will only help assist in finding a new dog from a shelter, rescue, breeder, etc.


The package includes:
  • Total Cost: $400
  • 1 in-person consultation for us to get a feel for your lifestyle and your needs to make sure we can recommend the right dog for you, or help you find a specific breed you want.
  • 1 in-person consultation to help you "puppy proof" your home.
  • Consultations and advice over email and phone on potential dogs.
  • Visit 1 potential dog with you before you adopt or buy to make sure personality and behavior will fit into your lifestyle. Please note that if you get a puppy, their personalities will develop so it is a bit difficult on telling what their final personality will be.
  • 1 in-person consultation to help you get started with the basics with your new family member
  • Access to tip sheets and treat recipes.
  • Spot in the Obedience I class that best fits your schedule
  • Unlimited email support for 60 days