STAR Puppy Part 1


The first 4 weeks of the STAR Puppy program is all about the puppies and socialization. This is the first opportunity to help them figure out how to communicate with other dogs and interact with the human world. This class is held on Friday or Sunday evenings. You decide which evening works best for you.

This class is designed for puppies that have completed their puppy series of shots. Puppies should be 10 to 16 weeks of age on the first day of class. The focus for the puppies is gaining confidence, acceptable play with other puppies, and bite inhibition. This can only be learned through appropriate supervised play with other puppies.

There is a topic each week for discussion while the puppies are playing. 
Weekly topics include: Socialization, Natural behaviors, Crate training, House breaking, Leadership skills, and Reading body language.


  • Must be at least 10 weeks old
  • Must have completed the puppy shot series