Smart Puppy Group Course


This group course is all about the puppies and socialization. This is the first opportunity to help them figure out how to communicate with other dogs and interact with the human world. This course can help you get a good start to socializing your puppy, but a well socialized and confident puppy will require socialization experiences outside of class. We also offer up to 2 days of daycare at our facility to help with additional socialization experiences. The daycare days must be used within 6 months of the start of class or they are forfeited.

Class is held on Sunday evenings and a new class starts every month. We will not cancel this class if only a few puppies sign up, however, minimum of 4 puppies have to attend in order for us to offer the AKC Star puppy test. We have found that if we have fewer puppies they do not get the socialization benefits of a group class.

The course covers topics like socialization, Natural behaviors, Crate training, Housebreaking, Leadership skills, and Reading body language. You will also help your pup with impulse control, basic manners, and commands. Expect to learn how to help your pup stop jumping and nipping and learn to sit, down, and the foundation for stay and walking on a loose leash.


  • Cost is $200
  • Meet other puppies and people
  • up to 2 days of daycare (must be used within 6 months)
  • Start the foundation for basic obedience
  • Meets 1 hour a week for 8 weeks on Sunday night


  • 10 - 16 weeks old on the first day of class
  • Must have completed 2 rounds of the puppy shot (distemper/parvo) series