Smart Puppy Private Course


Puppies need to have boundaries set at an early age. Early exposure to the human world when young can prevent behavior problems. Socialization is so much more than just letting a puppy meet and play with other dogs and letting multiple people pet them. Socialization also includes learning how to cope with the human world that has scary things like moving doors and boxes that magically go up and down when you’re in them.  

If you are comfortable exposing your puppy to other dogs and people but want some help teaching your pup how to deal with things like vacuum cleaners and electric door and learn basic manners and commands this course might be for you. There is a dog/people socialization component to this course in the form of 2 daycare days. This allows your pup to meet other puppies as well as older dogs. This simulates the real world better than a puppy only class. The daycare is supervised to ensure all the dogs are happy but also that the puppies are not bullied. 

Puppies must have started their puppy series of shots in order to attend this course. The focus for the puppies is gaining confidence, acceptable play with other dogs of all ages, and laying the foundation for good manners and basic obedience. 

Course Highlights

  • 6 weeks of private classes for basic commands, manners, and help with housebreaking and crate training
  • Commands introduced are sit, down, come, stay, and loose leash walking
  • Manners are no nipping, no jumping, and building the attention span
  • Help with housebreaking, crate training, and “Check it Out” (socialization to the human world and getting over fear)
  • One class at a public location to help with socialization to public places 
  • 2 days of daycare at RolloverU
  • Cost is $250 (package has a value of $600 if everything was purchased separately.)
  • One-on-One time with a trainer
  • Can start anytime
  • Flexible so each class can be a different day and time. We will work/train around your schedule
  • Learn at your dog’s pace