Doggy Day Care

RolloverU:Dog Services is proud to offer Doggy Day Care to the Manhattan area. We have a large building that can be divided into three separate play areas.We also have overflow so if we have a group that is annoying everyone else, they can have their own space to play.

Our day care is structured so your dog will have a well rounded day. Our days are modeled after child day cares. We have playtime, learning time, and quiet time. A typical day allows for 3 - 4 hours of play time, 1 - 2 hours of quiet time,  and 2 - 3 hours of learning time. Learning time includes group learning as well as one on one time with the trainer.

To participate in day care your dog(s) must be enrolled. The enrollment process includes an evaluation by RolloverU staff before their first day. Initial paperwork must be completed and a copy of your dogs shot records must be on file with RolloverU before enrollment is complete and your dog can attend.