Training is an essential part of building the bond with your dog as well as having a well-mannered canine. Early success in training can lead to continuing training and going into competitions or therapy work. Training helps dogs gain confidence and can help reduce anxiety and destructive behaviors. Let us not forget the most important part of training is a well-mannered dog that will be a confident, loving member of your family and will be welcome wherever they go.

Teaching your dog basic manners helps build and secure the foundation for a well behaved dog. It also allows you to enjoy a deep bond with your dog that will make him feel like the best friend you always wanted. 

RolloverU teaches all classes in a levels format which means each class caters to dogs at every skill level. Classes can be taken multiple times and you will always get the training at the level you and your dog need and are not held back if another member of your class is not ready for the skill level your dog has. This format is beneficial for the dogs as well since some studies have shown that dogs can learn from watching other dogs. Your dog may learn quicker if he can see another dog correctly performing the same task you are asking for.