Typical Day

Our program is tailored to meet the emotional, mental, and physical needs of the dogs in our care. Each day is structured so it provides a well rounded day designed to engage your dog and get him or her to interact with staff and other dogs without becoming overstimulated and in a safe fun environment.

Each day has the following components:
  • mental stimulation
  • socialization
  • learning / training 
  • time to relax
These components address the 5 behaviors a dog needs to be happy and healthy. The 5 behaviors are:
  • bite
  • chase 
  • chew
  • dissect 
  • search 
The amount of time your dog gets of each component depends on the play group they have been assigned. 

Because each dog has different needs we try to group dogs that have things in common together. We also take into consideration age, size, energy level, and play style when we are putting dogs in groups. Since a young puppy will have different needs than a dog in their prime or a senior dog we customize the day for each playgroup. We have provided some sample days below to help get a feel of what a typical day is like. Every dog or puppy gets several walks throughout the day.