What it Means
Being on probation simply means that the dog may be placed in a time out or quiet time if they exhibit behaviors that either make other dogs in the group uneasy or if they appear to be uneasy themselves. This is done to ensure safety and comfort of all dogs in the group. A time out duration is dependent on the behavior exhibited, but on average lasts 15-30 minutes.

There can be several reasons a dog is placed on probation and it is not always regarding behavior. Dogs will be on probation for the following reasons:
  • New Sign Ups - Even though the initial evaluation gives us a good place to start on placement, once a dog is in a playgroup it may become apparent they need a different group. To ensure your dog is happiest while they are here, the probation provides us an opportunity to have your dog in our care while making sure their placement is best for them.
  • Incidents - Sometimes dogs can be playing too hard, not feel well, or be overstimulated which can cause uncharacteristic behavior. If an incident happens a dog may be put on probation to ensure the incident was fully addressed and no repeats occur.