RolloverU Day Care has a lot to offer a dog. The program is geared to enrich all aspects of a dog's well being. The philosophy at RolloverU is to offer programs and activities that enrich the mental and emotional health as well as a dog's physical health. 

Our scheduled pickup / drop-off windows are 7:00 am - 9:00 am and 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm for daycare. We are happy to accommodate your schedule, however, we start our structured activities at 9:30 am. To minimize disruptions, you may have to wait for us to accept your dog and your dog may be taken to the back instead of being directly let into the group if you drop off after 9:00 am.

To help our clients get the most out of day care opportunities, we offer Day Care packages which offer a bundle of days at a discounted price. We try to offer as much flexibility as possible with our packages. You can reserve a spot with as little as 24 hours notice once the enrollment process has been completed.


If your dog is sick please keep them home to help prevent the spread of the illness. We check for general wellness each time a dog is dropped off for daycare or boarding and if they are showing signs of being sick or contagious, we will not accept them for that day. 

If a dog starts showing signs of being sick while at daycare, we will isolate the dog to minimize exposure to other dogs and call the owners and ask that they come and get their dog so they can be taken to a vet and evaluated.

If a dog is diagnosised with something highly contagious a note from the vet stating the dog is no longer contgious is required before they will be allowed back into daycare.

Unaltered Dogs

We understand that certain breeds, mainly large breeds can benefit from waiting to be spayed or neutered until they are a year or older. We are also aware that some medical conditions can make it dangerous for a dog to have the procedure. We evaluate and accept unaltered dogs on an individual basis. Please be aware that if your dog is unaltered they may spend more time in a kennel or separated from the group.