Safety Pledge

We care about the safety of the dogs in our care. We belong to a like minded organization called The Dog Gurus. They have developed a Safety Pledge for their members to take that explains how we keep your dogs safe. 

As owner/manager of a pet center providing off-leash dog play, I pledge that our program has been designed for the safety of all dogs. We strive to ensure the physical safety of each dog and our goal is for every dog to go home from our center behaviorally and emotionally better than when they arrived. We value our clients and want to be a key partner in the care of their dog. In operating a safe and fun off-leash dog play program, I specifically pledge that I will:

  • Educate all staff on dog behavior and safe play management through a formal training program that includes continuing education.
  • Provide climate controlled, physical play space that meets or exceeds industry baselines for size, material safety, and security.
  • Establish dog health and management procedures focused on supporting the physical and emotional health of each dog.
  • Require trained staff members to be physically present with the dogs 100% of the time when dogs are playing off-leash together.
  • Meet or exceed industry baseline staffing ratios in all dog playgroups.
  • Require benevolent leader techniques and humane, non-invasive handling of dogs that allows enforcement of appropriate group play behaviors without physical manipulation of the dogs.
  • Screen each new dog for off-leash play by introducing them individually to other dogs prior to accepting them for group play, and monitor all dog's enjoyment of group play on a continuing basis.
  • Assign dogs to playgroups matching age, size, and playstyle to keep play safe and fun for every dog.
  • Communicate proactively, openly, and honestly with clients about all dog care concerns.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with this pledge by maintaining regular quality control checks of all items listed.
More information about The Dog Gurus can be found on The Dog Guru's website