Average Day Activities

Morning Activities

  • Free time/play while dogs are dropped off  
  • Structured learning 
    • Activities depend on the dogs 
    • wide range of activities
    • manners such as no nipping or jumping
    • appropriate play with other dogs
    • 1-on-1 time with staff

Midday Quiet Time

  • Dogs are given their own space to relax 
  • They enjoy nutritious treats that stimulate the mind
    • Bully sticks
    • Frozen stuffed toys
    • treat puzzles
    • snuffle mats
    • Treats are provided by RolloverU

The Afternoon

  • Structured learning  
  • Free time/play while dogs are picked up  
Some of our training games are hide-and-seek, the running come game, and navigating a maze. During the "free" period they can play or relax whichever they prefer until they are picked up.