Specialty and Focused Classes

You've worked hard and your dog has basic manners. How can you continue to work with your dog and have fun? The easiest way is to take advanced classes in something that interests you to see if your dog will have fun also. Even though these classes are advanced for some activities, like agility and nose games, they just scratch the surface. These classes are intended to be fun and see if your dog has an interest in the activity, not get you ready for competing. There are other well qualified dog trainers in the area that specialize in training dogs for some of the competitive sports.


All advanced classes are for dogs 6 months and up. There is no age cap for participation in classes.


  • Any first time students must present proof of vaccinations. 
  • Dogs must have basic manners
  • Dogs must be at least 6 months old 
  • Dogs will be tested to ensure they are proficient in basic manners*  
Some classes have additional specific requirements for enrollment. Any additional requirements are listed on the class page.

*If your dog has the Canine Good Citizen title or an equivalent they do not need to be tested.


  • All classes consist of 1 group session each week that is approximately an hour for 4 weeks. 
  • Each dog must have its own handler.
  • Register for classes