Behavior Help

Do you have a dog that is a good dog but has trouble with other dogs? There are many reasons that dogs can be reactive or aggressive with other dogs. Starting as puppies, dogs learn what proper behavior is from other dogs. Dogs communicate using body language which means they use their whole body, including teeth and claws, to express themselves. There are subtleties that we as humans don't see unless we have trained ourselves to see it.

Dogs are social animals and as such go to great lengths to get the point across without causing injury. When the social skills learning process is interrupted or limited to just a few dogs, puppies don’t learn how to properly communicate. They can then become reactive of other dogs because they are unsure of themselves and the situation. This reactivity makes taking the dog out in public very stressful. The stress comes from wondering when your dog will react or if that dog you see in the distance is going to rush your dog because it is off leash and start a fight with your dog. To minimize these episodes, you take walks early in the morning or late at night. Even with precautions, walks are not the relaxing enjoyable moments you envisioned with your furry friend.

The classes in this section can help you take the stress out of walks with your dog.