Helping the Reactive Dog

This class is for dogs of all ages that need help with getting along with other dogs. Dogs will learn techniques to help themselves stay calm and interact with other dogs. Classical conditioning is used to teach new behaviors and create new positive associations. Handlers will learn techniques to help their dogs remain calm and not react to other dogs.

Good candidates for this class are non-aggressive but reactive dogs that have never been in an actual fight. Dogs that are friendly but seem to have trouble playing with other dogs. Dogs cannot be human aggressive.

Due to the nature of this class, RolloverU has a more stringent enrollment process. People interested in this class need to contact RolloverU expressing interest at least 6 weeks prior to the first day of class. The dog will be evaluated by a RolloverU Trainer or Behaviorist for eligibility. If accepted for class, the owner will work with the dog to ensure they are comfortable in a muzzle and will teach the dog tug and charge a rope that will be brought and used in class. It takes time for dogs to get comfortable with a muzzle and to teach and charge a toy which is why enrollment in class is so early. 

Goals for this class

  • Get the dogs comfortable enough to accept the presence of other dogs
  • Not react to other dogs while on leash 
For the safety of everyone in class, dogs are required to wear a muzzle. There will be breaks to allow the dogs some freedom from the muzzle but breaks will be controlled and monitored to ensure safety.


  • Proof of current vaccinations. 
  • Evaluated by RolloverU Staff 
  • Comfortable with a muzzle
  • Tug a favorite game
  • Basic commands like sit, down
  • Each dog must have its own handler.