Let's Talk Dog

Humans don't always understand the nuances of canine communication and step in when it is not necessary. We do this because we want to keep our dogs safe which is completely understandable. Unfortunately, stepping in and breaking up an argument interrupts the learning process for puppies. For example, a slightly pushy puppy can become a bully if not taught that being pushy is rude. Dogs are so much better and quicker at teaching these things than humans are. The best thing we can do for our canine companions is to learn their language. Once we understand their language we are better equipped to supervise our dog's interactions with other dogs.

This class is for dogs of all ages and their owners that need and want to learn how to “talk dog”. This class is for dogs that are shy but not reactive or aggressive, and dogs that have not been exposed to a lot of different dogs. Dogs will learn techniques to help themselves stay calm and interact with other dogs. Classical conditioning is used to teach new behaviors and create new positive associations. Handlers will learn new techniques to help their dogs remain calm and not react to other dogs. Owners will also learn how to read dog body language so they can help their dogs navigate interactions in public.


  • proof of current vaccinations. 
  • have basic manners  
  • know basic commands 
  • Able to participate in off leash play

Prices & Length

  • The class consists of a 1 hour group session each week for 4 weeks. 
  • Class is $60 per dog.
  • Each dog must have its own handler.