Service Dog Program

RolloverU understands the need to have a service dog as soon as possible. We also know that it is imperative that the dog be reliable, well-trained and socialized. Our program combines group classes and private sessions to train you and your dog. The basics like obedience are taught in group classes which helps the dog learn to work with distractions and ignore other dogs. The private sessions are customized for you and your dog. We develop a training plan with you to ensure your needs are being met. We then break down the plan into manageable chunks and focus on the tasks at hand. Everything is in writing so you have something to help you practice. Training logs are reviewed regularly to ensure everything is on track and to help with any challenges you may be having.

Our program averages 6 to 9 months. This is just an average it can take longer depending on your dog.

RolloverU offers free initial consultations. During the consultation we will evaluate your dog to see if they are a good service dog candidate and start to develop a training plan. If your dog shows potential, we require that the dog be boarded for a week for a more in depth evaluation.