Enrollment Process

RolloverU has a strict enrollment process that is designed to ensure the dogs in our care will enjoy their time here.  The two part process consists of the owner completing 4 forms and an in person evaluation of the dog. The process helps us determine if the applying dog is a good fit, learn about some of the dog's background, set expectations, and which group would be the best for him or her. Enrollment typically takes a week and all steps must be completed 24 hours prior to dropping your dog off for the first time.

The first step of the process is to complete the four enrollment forms. These forms provide us with information about your dog and his or her history, permission to get your dog medical attention in the remote chance it is needed, and outlines expectations.

Enrollment forms to complete:

Liability Waiver
Medical Consent
Pet Information and Contact Form
RolloverU Care Agreement

The second step in the process is to complete a free evaluation. This is the step that takes the longest due to having to coordinate schedules to find a time that works for everyone. Evaluation appointments are usually 30 minutes. The evaluation includes meet and greet for you and your dog with RolloverU staff, tour of the facility, assessment of your dog's play style and temperament, and the opportunity to get questions answered.

Once RolloverU receives and reviews the completed forms, you will receive an email with the next available days and times for an evaluation. Please start the enrollment process early enough to allow for finding a good time for everyone. It typically takes about a week from the time you complete the forms to complete the evaluation. The longest it has taken has been two weeks.

RolloverU continues to evaluate and assess your dog to ensure they are in the right play group and if attending daycare, that it is still a good solution for them. If we feel changes need to be made we discuss them with you first so that you are in the loop about what is going on while they are in our care.