STAR Puppy Test Items

There are 3 areas tested in STAR Puppy. They are listed below along with the tasks tested in each area.

Owner Behaviors

  • Maintains puppy's health (ie vaccines, under a vet's care, appears healthy and active for breed)
  • Owner receives CGC Responsible Owners Pledge
  • Owner has an adequate daily exercise and play plan
  • Owner brings bags and cleans up after their dog if it has an accident
  • Owner has obtained some form of ID fo the puppy. This could be a collar and tag, a microchip, or tattoo.

Puppy Behaviors

  • Free of aggression toward people during the class
  • Free of aggression toward other puppies in the class
  • Tolerates collar or body harness of owner's choice (no electronic collars)
  • Owner can hug or hold puppy
  • Puppy allows owner to take away a toy

Canine Good Citizen Behaviors

  • Allows (In any position) petting by someone other than their owner
  • Allows handling by owner and a brief exam of ears and feet
  • Walks on leash - Follows owner on lead for 15 steps
  • Walks past a person 5 feet away while on lead
  • Sits on command - Owner can use a food lure
  • Down on command - owner may use a lure
  • Comes to owner when 5 feet away
  • Reaction to distractions-distractions are 15 feet away
  • Stays on leash with another person when the owner walks 10 steps away and returns