Test Items

Below is a list of the manners that are evaluated during the Canine Good Citizen Test. We have also included what needs to be done to pass each item. There are 10 tasks that must be completed in order to pass the CGC Evaluation. Here is an example video of the expectations.

Accepting a Friendly Stranger

Stranger (Evaluator) approaches the handler and shakes their hand. Does not touch the dog. The dog cannot growl or show signs of aggression. Dog cannot jump up or approach the "stranger".

Sitting Politely for Petting

Evaluator pets the dog. The dog cannot show any signs of shyness or resentment. Dog also must control himself and refrain from jumping up or licking.

Appearance and Grooming

Evaluator inspects dog, combs or brushes lightly, examines ears and each front foot. Dog must allow the inspection without pulling away or showing signs of aggression.

Out for a Walk

The handler takes the dog for a short walk that includes a right turn, left turn, about turn, and a stop. Dog must not trip handler and stay focused on them.

Walking Through a Crowd

Dog and handler walk close to several people. The dog may show a casual interest but cannot jump up.

Sit and Down on Command/Staying in Place

Handler shows that the dog can do a sit and a down. Handler then chooses a position, leaves dog, walks 20 feet away, and returns immediately. The dog must stay where the handler left him


oming When Called

The dog walks out 10ft and calls the dog. Dog must go to the handler

Reaction to Another Dog

Two handlers with dogs approach, shake hands, exchange pleasantries, then move on. The dogs can show casual interest

Reaction to Distractions

Distractions are presented. Dog may not panic or show signs of aggression

Supervised Separation

Handler goes out of sight for 3 minutes.Dog is held on a 6ft leash by an evaluator. Dog may not panic or show signs of aggresion