Obedience I


Obedience is designed for dogs 12 weeks old and older. The lessons focus on building the relationship between dog and person and laying the groundwork for the harder skills. USing proven, science based techniques, we help build good communication skills, so things are clear, and everyone is set up for success.

This course helps with walking politely on leash, impulse control to help with behaviors like jumping up, chasing, and door dashing. We touch on the basics like “Sit” and “Down” but also work on skills for the real world like “Leave It” and “Place”. 

The Obedience Program is 8 weeks long. The class can be taken multiple times as your dog matures, and your skills improve. This class will also help you proof or generalize behavior and socialize your dog in a safe but distracting environment. Each weekly class has a set of concepts that are taught but the hands-on portion of the class is always changing. 


RolloverU offers 2 options for group classes. Wednesday nights and Saturdays. We have new classes starting each month.  


With the skills learned in Obedience you will be able to pass several of the AKC's tests for various titles. We do offer the testing for the AKC's titles however it is not part of the Obedience class. Our goal with this class is to help dog and handler teams to build a strong working relationship built on mutual respect and trust so that they can handle the situations they find themselves in with confidence.