Impulse Control

Having impulse control means that your dog can control himself in all types of situations and in unfamiliar situations he is more than likely going to look at you instead of just reacting. This class is designed for dogs that seem to overreact to everything or get so excited about things that they “lose their minds”. RolloverU trainers set up real-life situations that require impulse control and show you how to help your dog learn to control him or herself in these situations. Our Impulse Control Program is a series of 4-week classes. Each 4-week class focuses on a specific behavior. The 4-week format allows us to allow for a lot of practice time with the trainer and helps us set you up for success. 

All of the classes in the Impulse control series are kept small with a maximum of 5 dogs. Keeping our classes small allows the trainer to be able to spend time with each student team per class.  

Please note if your dog has been in fights or the reactivity is more aggressive in nature, our reactive dog or growl class may be better for you and your dog. If you are unsure, please contact us and we can set up a free consultation to help figure out which class would be the better fit for you.