Sir Barks a Lot No More

Does your dog bark at leaves?  Maybe your pup just has to tell you about everything as soon as your key slides into the lock. Is your furry friend a master at making you feel guilty because you have just left her alone in the apartment as you head off to work each morning. Perhaps your neighbors are starting to complain that Fluffy is inside barking all day long.

Barking is one of those things that dogs love to do. It is the way they communicate, especially with their humans. Since dogs love to do it, most people think it can't be stopped because when they tell their dogs to stop they generally just get louder. RolloverU staff can help. 

During this Impulse Control class, you will learn why dogs bark and techniques to deal with each. While a Beagle will never be as quiet as a Basenji he can be quiet enough to keep the neighbors happy.