Rehabilitating the Food Thief

Do you have a dog that just loves to show off his counter surfing prowess? Maybe he's more patient and will wait until you leave the room before taking a tasty tidbit from your plate. I have one that is a sneaky thief. He will lay next to me on the floor and act like he is sleeping. When I'm not paying attention, he will shift and scoot closer to me until he is between my legs. He then times his attacks so I never really see him getting food but he always manages to share my meal. My brother had one that would lay in the doorway waiting for him to leave the room. I watched him put a steak in the middle of the table and go back into the kitchen because he forgot a drink. His dog darted into the room climbed onto the table, grabbed the steak and darted out of the room. When my brother came back and saw me laughing and his steak missing he went looking for the dog. He found the dog but not before he ate the steak.

This class will give you the tools to help you keep your food even with your food thief around. This is a 4-week class. Your dog must know basic commands or have passed the Canine Good Citizen test.