Fido Masters Leash Manners

Taking your dog for a walk is something that should be enjoyable. It's a chance for you two to bond, explore, and get some exercise. You walk with Fido walking calmly next to you and all is right with the world. You think it can't get much better than this. Good feelings are shattered as a dog comes into view in front of you and now Fido is pulling and barking. He is doing his very best to get to the dog in front of you. You try to explain to the person with the dog that Fido is friendly. You apologize and wish you could just disappear. I know the feeling I used to have two Fidos.  My dogs were friendly and just loved meeting and playing with other dogs. Unfortunately, when they met another dog while on a walk they looked vicious. I stopped trying to explain and modified my walking schedule so I wouldn't meet anyone with dogs. That wasn't a solution. 

If this sounds familiar this class will help you. We work on leash manners so you and your pup know what to do when you're walking and see new dogs.

Course Highlights

  • 4 weekly 1 hour classes
  • Learn proper leash manners for any situation
  • Enjoyable walks for everyone