Basics Proofed

This class takes the basics and helps you generalize the commands so your dog listens no matter what is going on around them. This class helps you proof the most common basic obedience commands:

  • Sit 
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Loose leash walking

This class is for dogs of all ages that know basic manners but seem to have trouble listening all the time. Perhaps the dog listens well if you are at home or in your backyard or maybe he only listens if you have a treat in your hand. If your dog listens to you but no one else in your house, this class is for you.

The class is designed on proofing with treats for the first 4 weeks. The last four weeks are for weaning off of treats. However, this class is flexible so if you feel your dog is ready to start working without treats before the 5th week you can stop giving them sooner. The opposite is also true you can give your dog treats longer if you feel it is needed.