Tricky Dog

Looking for something to do with your dog that can impress your friends? Do you avoid public dog parks but know how important continued socialization is? Our Tricky Dog class may be just what you’re looking for.

Tricky Dog is a 4-week course that focuses on having fun and learning different things. We teach fun tricks as well as functional behaviors. They all count towards the AKC Titles. A new course will start every month from October through April.


AKC has developed a title for the dogs that love to learn and do tricks. There are 5 different Trick Titles your dog can earn, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer, and Expert Performer. You and your dog must complete 10 tricks that you have not done for previous titles. If you are going for the Novice title and have earned the CGC title you only have to complete 5 tricks since the CGC counts as 5 tricks.


The benefits of teaching your dog tricks are numerous. Your dog and you start enjoying learning to learn. You can show off your dog to your friends. You can teach them practical things that can help you out, like carrying things for you. You become a better trainer because you cannot force your dog to learn a trick. The biggest benefit is improving and strengthening the bond between you and your dog. You become partners that work together. Best of all trick training is both mentally and physically challenging so you have a tired happy dog that is more likely to take a nap when left alone than to be destructive.