Board and Train

For our Board and Train program, your dog stays with us and we do all the training of the commands identified to be taught during his or her stay. The length of stay depends on several factors some of which are commands to train and how quickly your dog learns. We offer a free 30-minute consultation with you for information gathering.

Before your dog’s stay, we will consult with you and evaluate your dog to discover what you want worked on and what the end result should look like. The evaluation is so we can get a sense of how your dog learns and how quickly he picks up new things. This information gathering is used to build your recommended training plan and time needed for training. The training plan is shared with you and revisions can be made. Once you have reviewed and accepted the training plan we can schedule the dates for your dog’s board and train. 

Your dog will stay with us during the night in our spacious boarding kennels and spend time playing with other dogs if not in a training session and they are dog-friendly. We believe that a well-rounded dog has had lots of social experiences with other dogs, humans, and weird things, like rattling pans and vacuum cleaners, that make up our world. 

To attend a Board and Train dogs must be up to date on all shots. If you have a puppy they must have completed their puppy series of shots and had their first rabies shots. 

Included in the Package:

  • Boarding for a specified length of time 
  • Training the commands outlined in the approved training plan
  • minimum of 4 daily training sessions with a trainer 
  • Playtime with other dogs if the dog to be trained is dog-friendly
  • Training session with the owner at the end of the stay to teach the owner the command cues    
  • Up to 3 half-hour follow-up sessions. 
    • Sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of the dog being picked up from RolloverU. 
    • Follow-up sessions will only cover commands contracted for.

Contact the trainers at RolloverU to schedule your consultation. All dogs must be enrolled in RolloverU and provide current shot records to be eligible for the Board and Train option.