Leash Skills

If walking your dog is a dreaded chore because he pulls you down the street or jumps up on everyone you walk past this class is for you. If your dog has leash manners but you want to practice more before taking the CGC or they need a little polish, this class may be able to provide a supportive, controlled environment with distractions for you to practice in.

We teach you techniques to use to increase your dog's focus, keep her by your side, and sit politely when someone approaches. She will also learn to wait patiently while you have a conversation. We use fun science-based techniques to help your dog become the sweet companion you have always wanted.

Leash Skills is designed for dogs 6 months and older. There are currently no prerequisites needed for this class. The only things needed are a dog that needs some help understanding being on a leash and the desire to regain control.