Retail Products

While we are a small facility we do like to have the things we recommend on hand for the convenience of our customers. 

We have a few types of treats always on hand but we do get some items to try or they are seasonal. We have listed the items we try to keep on hand. Prices can vary depending on where we get the products. 


Antlers are great for mental stimulation and as an approved chew item, especiaAntlerslly for heavy chewers. As with all natural chews supervise your pet while they have them. We offer various sizes and this year we are happy to offer fuzzy antlers. Fuzzy antlers are rich and an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin. This makes them very rich and can cause an upset tummy if too much is ingested at one time. We recommend short chew sessions with these antlers since they are so rich. Antler prices vary depending on size.

Training Treats

Bowser's Best Bites are made right here in Kansas. They work great as a regular treat Bowser croppedbut they are very easy to break into smaller pieces so they can also be used as a training treat. Whenever we break open a package in class the dogs perk up and can't wait to do a trick to get a piece. They are made from human-grade ingredients and made and packaged in a facility that meets the standards for making and packaging food for human consumption.  

Some of the other types of treats we carry are Bully Sticks, Esophagus chews, pepperoni sticks, and dried jerky style treats. 

Training Equipment

Whether you are training your dog, running with him, or just out for a nice walk, having a Hands-free Leash - customhands-free leash can make it easier to keep everything with you. A hands-free leash allows you to use your hands to push a stroller or carry things and know your dog will stay close to you. Our hands-free leashes are made to order and to meet our standards in qualityHands free leash and functionality. The leashes are wider at the back to help support the lower back and keep the leash from cutting into you. The leash section is bungee so your dog can have a little freedom while staying close. We can have leashes made for multiple dogs as well.

A Freedom No-Pull harness can help put you in control if you have a dog that loves to pull you down the street. This harness comes in different colors and widths to no pull harnessaccommodate small and large breeds. We keep blue, purple and black in stock but can order the color you like if you want something different. The makers of the harness have designed a special leash to go with it. You can get a training pack with harness and leash or buy either separately.

We have a variety of mainstream leashes. Most of our leashes are custom made so you can choose your color. The length and style are set so we can offer fair pricing. We carry European leads (Slip leads), martingale & leash combos, 4ft, 6ft,10ft, 30ft, and 50ft leashes. If you would like a sturdier lead for your Freedom harness we have those available also.