Class Guidelines & Policies

Group classes are a cost-effective option for training your dog. To ensure that everyone has a good experience, RolloverU has some basic guidelines to see if a group class is right for you. 

Unfortunately, there are times when RolloverU must cancel a class due to lack of enrollment. If this happens, we will notify any registered students via email at least 3 days prior to the class starting date.

Dogs attending group classes should not be reactive towards other dogs and/or people. A certain amount of barking and interest in the others in class is to be expected. However, if your dog lunges, snarls, growls, or snaps at other dogs and/or people a regular group class may not be a good fit. RolloverU has options available for reactive dogs. We are happy to help you decide if a group class is right for your dog.

Dogs should have the correct equipment that is fitted properly. Collars and harnesses should be snug enough that the dog cannot slip out of them. Dogs should be on a 5 to 6ft leash. Retractable leashes are not allowed. If your dog usually wears a harness, please fit him or her with a collar also. There are times, especially in a group class setting, where a harness does not provide enough control over the dog.

Children are allowed in class if there is an adult available to supervise them that is not handling the dog. Older children that want to participate in learning to train their dog are encouraged to attend class with the dog if they understand they are there to learn and not meet or play with the other dogs in the class. They will be asked to leave if they become disruptive and/or cause an unsafe environment for the class or themselves.

Please be respectful of the Instructor and your fellow students and turn off your cell phone or leave it in the car. If you work in an industry that requires you to be on call, please let your instructor know in case you must take a call.

You are welcome to bring guests with you to class. Be aware they will be expected to participate in class. Please ask them to leave their cell phone in the car also.

While we do not require your dog to pass the CGC test to attend advanced or focused classes, dogs are expected to have basic manners and a basic grasp of main commands like sit, down, stay, and come. They are not expected to be perfect just know what the command means. Please let us know if you would like our assistance in picking a class for your dog’s skill level. We are happy to help.

Class fees

Invoices will be sent out prior to the first day of class. Payment is due on the first day of class. Class fees can be paid in person or online.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for classes once you have reserved your space. We can offer full credit toward a future class if notification is given at least 7 business days before the class begins. We cannot offer any refunds or credits once a class has started. Credits must be used within 6 months of the starting date of the class it was issued for. Credits can be used for any service provided by RolloverU.