Fiesty Fido

Does your dog embarrass you on walks?

You are not alone! We can help. If you have one of the many dogs that are reactive when they are on-leash this class is for you. Since this class is online you will learn first learn the techniques that are most helpful when your dog starts reacting. The practice is done without distractions so they become second nature for both you and your dog. Your dog will still be triggered when he sees another dog but now you know exactly what to do and that confidence will help you get your dog to calm down and refocus on you. We know that it is vital to help you practice in the settings that cause your dog to react so there will be practice sessions in the last half of the program.

Our Fiesty Fido program includes all the items outlined on the main Online Courses page.

In-person practice sessions at RolloverU’s training facility can be purchased if desired.