Covid-19 Response

RolloverU Staff is committed to providing a safe, fun, and supportive environment to all our clients both 2 and 4-legged. Below are the measures we are taking to accomplish that goal.

Cleaning in buildings

  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces
  • Cleaning high touch surfaces multiple times a day.
  • For classroom, 
    • sweeping and sanitizing floor before the first class and after the last class
    • sanitizing chairs, training stations, doorknobs and other high touch surfaces between each class


  • Self-monitoring of temp and other symptoms
  • Self-isolating if feeling ill or test positive
  • Washing hands regularly
  • Using hand sanitizer between handling different dogs
  • Wearing masks during high traffic times like dropoff and pickup
  • Maintain 6ft social distancing
  • Wearing masks when teaching classes

Daycare & Boarding

  • Encouraging Contactless dropoff and pickup by using the outside run by the door. The owner places the dog in the run and returns to the car. RolloverU staff then gets the dog from the run and brings them inside.
  • Owners can call when they arrive and a staff member will come to the car and get the dog or return the dog to the owner depending on if the owner is dropping off or picking up.
  • Encouraging online payments
  • Owners can also bring dogs in and maintain social distancing
  • We are encouraging only one person at a time to come in to pick up their dog so it is easier to maintain social distancing


  • Limiting class sizes to a maximum of 5 student/dog teams in the small classroom and 7 student/dog teams in the big classroom
  • Requiring facemasks for all students and teachers
  • RolloverU created personal training areas for each student/dog team which are 6ft apart to maintain social distancing when movement is not required.
  • The Instructor controls movement to maintain social distancing as much as possible between student/dog teams.
  • Encouraging online payment of the class.