2020 Interview with Audrey

Q: Tell us about yourself. 

A: I am originally from Washington, Kansas and I am one of three other siblings in my family. I grew up as a farmer's daughter so I have been around animals my entire life. I was active in FFA and 4-H in high school so I did everything that kept me involved in working with animals.

 Q: When/how did you know dog training was going to be your dream job?

 A: As a kid, I always tossed around between a teacher, a vet, or a dog trainer. But as I got older I tried picking a profession that I thought I might enjoy but realized soon into my second year of college that I didn’t want to be behind a desk my whole life. I remembered seeing an advertisement for Animal Behavior College back during my senior year of high school. It really interested me at the time but when I looked into the program there were no trainers near me that worked for ABC. So I gave up on the dog training dream until the second year of college. My curiosity had me checking the website again for trainers near me and that's when I found Cindy and started my career in dog training through ABC.

Q: What motivates you?

 A: What motivates me to be a dog trainer is seeing clients so frustrated with their dog and then watching them grow as a team throughout our classes. Seeing the clients happy with the progress they’ve made with their dogs makes the job all worth it.

Q: What makes you unique?

 A: I think what makes me unique is that I’ve been so fortunate to learn and train under two fabulous dog trainers from both the pet dog world and the competitive dog world. Learning how both worlds can train differently I think has made me a well rounded and more educated dog trainer. I am very thankful to Cindy Peters and Melinda Dalby for continuing to share their knowledge with me.

 Q: What was the best and most fun dog you’ve ever worked with?

 A: I would say the most fun dog I have ever worked with would have to be my own dog TJ. Even though he’s 10 years old, he still loves to learn. He’s the first dog I’ve ever owned by myself and my first rescue. We’ve made some big behavioral changes for the better since I’ve adopted him but we still have some issues that need to be managed. He’s still a work in progress but that's what I love about him. He keeps me on my toes and we make a really good team!

 Q: What else do you feel is important for people to know about you?

 A: I want people to know that I truly love what I do and I will always try to keep myself and my clients up to date within the dog training industry.

 We are working on getting a video interview of her so check back to watch it when we post it!