Scent Games

Does it seem like your dog always has his nose to the ground? Dogs interpret the world through their sense of smell. A dog’s sense of smell is as important to them as our eyesight is to us. It is how they “see” the world. We can turn this instinct and desire into lots of different games and we can harness it to help us. This class highlights the dog’s sense of smell and introduces games to play and some useful skills.

To get the most out of this class the dogs should know the basics like sit, stay, come. Dogs that are 6 months or older find this class a lot of fun and enjoy using their noses. The course is 4-weeks and can be taken repeatedly. When scenting and following a trail a dog uses his mind and body. Scenting games when used regularly, keeps energy from building up and helps a dog stay calm and in control. The class is an alternative to the dog park. Your dog will learn to work with other dogs.