Foundation Fitness

The Foundation Fitness Class will help you increase and maintain your dog's fitness. We will assess your dog's current level of fitness and work with you using games and fun exercises to either maintain their fitness level or improve it. This is a group class that is designed for all levels of fitness in healthy puppies and dogs. If your dog has suffered a recent injury or has joint or spinal problems this may not be a class for you. Please consult with your veterinarian and we are available to answer any questions your vet may have.

As with humans, dogs that are fit tend to have fewer injuries and can live longer with less pain. Even companion or pet dogs can benefit from a simple and fun fitness program. Working to help keep your dog fit may deepen the bond you share and develop mutual respect for each other and increase the understanding of the abilities and limits that each other has.

Why should you help your dog get and stay fit?

  • It stimulates your dog mentally and physically
  • Helps prevent and reduce anxiety
  • Reduces problem behaviors like digging and barking
  • Helps socialization and obedience
  • Keeps the mind sharp and reduces age-related disease
  • It will tire a dog out
  • Better able to play and work
  • increase engagement with the handler
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Early detection/identification of injuries or dysfunction
  • Increases muscle memory
  • Works on stability, proprioception, muscle strength, mobility

This is an 8-week group class that meets once a week for about an hour. There is no special training or equipment needed to practice at home.

A dog that is physically fit has the ability to perform the tasks required of him or her. The definition the PennVet Working Dog Center uses is "The ability to physically perform at the required level, remain durable to limit downtime, and maximize performance and lifespan longevity."