Hoopers is a canine sport that is about running a free-flowing course made up of obstacles. The obstacles consist of hoops, barrels, and tunnels. This is a high-energy sport good for dogs that have a lot of energy. While similar to Agility, since there are no sudden starts, stops, sharp turns, or jumps it is safe for puppies, seniors, and handicapped dogs. Dogs run the course with the help of their handler. Dogs are working off-leash, so it helps build a bond and reliability off-leash.

The obstacles used are easily made so practicing at home is within reach and budget-friendly. Hoopers is a great alternative to going to dog parks because it helps dogs focus on their owners when they are off leash and encourages RolloverU’s belief that dogs from unknown households are better as training partners than playmates.

Hoopers is an 8-week class that teaches the behaviors needed to navigate the courses and work off-leash. Safety is always a top priority. This is also a class that is best taught in a large area, so we teach it outside. We always try to have class so in case of rain we have foundation exercises that can be practiced inside. Your dog should know and be proficient with the commands “Sit”, “Stay”/ “Wait”, and “Come”. You need to be able to control your dog off-leash. Each student has an area to practice it is separated by flexible temporary barriers. Dogs going to visit other dogs is not allowed.

Woman and dog runing through a hoopers course