Treibball is a relatively new canine sport in the US. It is great for any dog but especially good for high-energy herding and working dogs. It builds teamwork between the handler and the dog. Dogs must work off leash away from their handler at distances of up to 75 feet. The basics of Treibball are the dog follows the handler’s commands to work with or around large balls and move them into a soccer-style goal. The handler must stay in front of the goal and cannot move away from it. The handler verbally guides the dog to bring the balls to them, the dogs cannot use their mouth or legs/paws to move the balls.

There are 4 skills in Treibball, they are Basics, Rapid Fire, Drive, and Hide and Seek. Each skill has various levels of difficulty and distance from the handler. This sport is excellent for creating and enhancing focus. It requires impulse control and basic obedience while building teamwork and off-leash skills. It is a great exercise for dogs of all ages and abilities.

This is an 8-week course. While there are no prerequisites for this course, your dog will need to know sit, down, stay, and back up to be successful. You also need to be able to control your dog when he is off-leash. Dogs roaming around and either going up to other dogs or creating distractions will not be tolerated.