Dance with Your Dog

The class helps you work with your dog in a fun way and really does not require an aptitude for dancing. This class teaches Heelwork-To-Music and Canine Freestyle. Heelwork-To-Music or HTM is for people that are rhythmically challenged because it is a heeling routine that happens to be to music. There are no fancy dance moves just the handler walking or marching next to the dog while the dog heels and stays close to the handler and does tricks. Some samples of the tricks used for this style of dancing are leg weaves, spin/twirl, walking/heeling backward, figure 8s, and walking around the handler both forward and backward. The music for this style is usually a march or something with a march-like beat so it is easy to walk in time with the music. Canine Freestyle allows for more distance between handler and dog so being able to dance is more helpful but still not necessary. In Freestyle, the music is more varied and the routine generally tells a story while HTM elicits a feeling or mood. 

In this 8-week class, you will learn how to put together routines, pick music that is right for your dog, and plan the choreography by going through all the steps with an already planned routine. You will learn the tricks and how to put the tricks together to form the routine before adding music. Class meets for about an hour a week for 8-weeks. It is recommended that before signing up for this class your dog has basic manners. This class is limited to 4 dog and handler teams. While each team has its own practice area the area is designated by wire fencing it is not sturdy enough to stop a dog. You need to be able to control your dog off-leash. Dogs going to visit other dogs is not allowed.