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Aug 06

Dogs Ignore Owners

Posted to Behavior Help by Cindy Peters

Your dog is happily sniffing the bushes at the far end of the yard. You let her out before you got dressed to go potty and explore while you got ready for work. Now you must leave but your pup is not showing any sign that she’s ready to come in. Calling her isn’t working because she’s ignoring you again. She always ignores you when you should be somewhere else. Your teeth grind as you pick up her leash to go and get her to bring her in. Surely there is a way to fix this. 

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Everyone, even us dog trainers, struggle with getting a dog to listen to us sometimes. Take heart there are some very simple things you can do to help your dog want to listen to you.

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Aug 15

I'm Only A Pet

Posted to General Dog Tips by Cindy Peters

Service dogs play a very important role for many people. They are special dogs with special temperaments and complete rigorous training programs. Unfortunately lately more attention has been brought to people that say their pets are service dogs. Here is a short story from the dog's perspective that addresses some of the things that can go wrong. Warning this is a sad story, but it has an important message.

I don’t know what I did to make them bring me to this place that smells of fear and death. I’m in a cage surrounded by barking dogs. I was told places like this existed, but they were for bad dogs. I thought I was a good dog. My human always told me what a good boy I was. I tried really hard to do what she asked me to do. I loved spending time with her. The best part of the day was when I was by her side. She took me fun places like the lake and the park and to play with other dogs.  

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Feb 18

Pet Insurance, Getting Started

Posted to Health and Wellness by Cindy Peters

Your beloved pet has gotten into something, but you aren’t sure what. All you know is she is suffering, and you don’t know how to fix it. As you rush her to the emergency vet, you wonder how you will pay the bill. You can’t let her suffer so you will figure it out when the time comes. There’s always credit cards. There should be a better option and there is.

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