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Jul 02

Dogs & Fireworks

Posted to Behavior Help by Cindy Peters

The sparks light up the night sky as the boom sounds and you feel the percussion in your chest. The Oohs and Ahs fill your ears as the boom fades away. There’s a volley of loud cracks as more colorful sparks fill the sky and the fireworks display continues to the delight of the gathered crowd. You wanted to spend this day with your canine companion. You were off work for once and anticipated spending the day with your dog and finishing it off sharing the fireworks display with him. You look down expecting to see him sitting faithfully by your side, but he’s gone.

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Jul 17

Bury It

Posted to General Dog Tips by Cindy Peters

Running a boarding and daycare center for dogs provides you with many opportunities to witness the quirky behavior some dogs have. I have a special fondness for all the dogs I care for and yes I’m attached. That is the one bad thing about my job, I don’t know how to do it without falling in love with each one of them. I wouldn’t trade it for anything because I always spend more time laughing than anything else, but I digress. Sometimes the quirks are understandable, like either flopping in the pool and splashing all the other dogs on a hot day or lying down to eat at the end of a long exciting day. Other times they are just down right funny. We have a few dogs that like to lay on their head to play. They curl into a ball with their head on the couch and their butt in the air. It is entertaining to watch because the other dogs don’t quite know what to think of it either. My all-time favorite though is only done by one dog and it’s to bury the piles of poop. She is not picky she buries her poop as well as the other dogs’.

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Feb 18

Pet Insurance, Getting Started

Posted to Health and Wellness by Cindy Peters

Your beloved pet has gotten into something, but you aren’t sure what. All you know is she is suffering, and you don’t know how to fix it. As you rush her to the emergency vet, you wonder how you will pay the bill. You can’t let her suffer so you will figure it out when the time comes. There’s always credit cards. There should be a better option and there is.

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