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Feb 18

Wrestling with Dogs

Posted to Behavior Help by Cindy Peters

George’s eyes grew wider and wider as he watched the large dog running towards him. The charging dog knew George and was happy to see him. George was his owner’s dad. As the dog reached George he brought his front paws up and placed them on George’s shoulders. The dog and George crashed to the ground with the dog on top. George tried to push the dog off, but the dog started growling and grabbing George’s arms and hands. 

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Jun 04

Practice Training? When?!

Posted to General Dog Tips by Cindy Peters

Everyone wants that dog that stays close and seems to hang on his handler’s every word. They seem to be all around especially when we’re chasing our dog because he has managed to escape the backyard yet again. We did everything right by attending puppy classes and obedience classes. We practice but with busy lives and other demands on our time practicing commands with our dogs always gets pushed aside with the promise we’ll do extra tomorrow. How do we find the time on a daily basis to practice all those great manners with our dogs that we learned in the classes?

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Feb 18

Pet Insurance, Getting Started

Posted to Health and Wellness by Cindy Peters

Your beloved pet has gotten into something, but you aren’t sure what. All you know is she is suffering, and you don’t know how to fix it. As you rush her to the emergency vet, you wonder how you will pay the bill. You can’t let her suffer so you will figure it out when the time comes. There’s always credit cards. There should be a better option and there is.

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